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Artist Statement

My abstract paintings are a vibrant expression of energy and emotion. I began painting as a way to relieve the stress of daily life and find an outlet for self-expression. Through my art, I am able to embrace and celebrate all aspects of who I am, and my work reflects my desire to live life fully and authentically.

In my work, I use a variety of mediums including acrylic paint, markers, acrylic ink, and a range of paint brushes and unconventional tools such as kitchen sponges, whisks, and spatulas to create expressive and dynamic paintings inspired by nature. Each layer is pushed, pulled, and blended to achieve a harmonious finish. 

By staying loose and using strong marks, shapes, and colour, I'm able to convey energy and excitement, inviting the viewer's eye to dance and move throughout the work.

I enjoy pushing the boundaries of my artistic capabilities and experimenting with different techniques and tools to create bold and unique art.

The fluidity and inspiration of my creative process are greatly influenced by music, body movement, and my surroundings, which activate my senses and bring a sense of clarity and presence to my art.

As I create, I feel as though a fog has lifted, and I am able to fully embrace the present moment, becoming more grounded and awakened. These external stimuli enable me to access my full artistic potential and create authentic and inspiring work. My work can be found in private collections around the globe, including Canada, United States, Europe, Australia, and South Africa.



"I strive to evoke strong reactions and stir deep feelings in those who experience my art."




Introduction of Marianne H Nielsen-Abstract Artist