Bringing my light to the world one painting at a time!!

My Story

"Bringing my light to the world one painting at a time."


Hi and thank you for visiting my site. I am honoured to have this opportunity to share my art with you.

My Creative Process

I create vibrant, colourful, organic acrylic/mixed media paintings which are an expression of my life's journey. Music plays a large role in my creative process influencing the fluidity of my art. I feel a clarity within when I'm painting as I listen to my playlist of music from the 60s to now. I love my music loud (most moments) and filled with rhythm which brings a grounded movement to my paintings, allowing my feelings and emotions to flow through me onto the canvas. Many of the titles of my artwork are from song lyrics. 

I work in layers scraping and blending until I feel the final result represents my intention which is often inspired by the memories the music evokes.

My paintings are created intuitively generally without a plan other than my colour choices, representing my life's journey.  Looser, cooler shapes begin each work and as layers are added I find myself moving to a warmer palette to finish each piece, mirroring my road from darkness to light. While painting, I experience freedom in creative expression, a release of my inner critic, and each creation leads me further on my path towards gentleness and joy.

I have been mentored by Debora L Smith and learned a great deal from her regarding the use of pastels in abstract work. I have also participated in workshops by local abstract artists, and have taken many online courses affording me the opportunity to discover my style, learn about the elements of art, and techniques.

I currently have six of my art creations showcased in an art store in my local area.

Abstract creating is my passion and allows me to share a part of myself in every piece I create. Colour is the element in which I feel most expressive. I feel freedom when painting abstracts and although some pieces are planned most are not. As a result I find myself creating in the moment which is such an awesome place to be. I usually have no expectation of the final outcome so that when it is complete it's a special surprise for me.

Creating art is very meditative for me and I feel connected to the higher creative energies. There is peace when I create, even though I may be listening to classic rock or dancing music! There is a flow to creating art and when the inner critic attempts to interfere I gently send it on it's way.

I am a mom to two young adult men. I currently have the company of two cats, Wynston and Lucy, and a sweet 11 year old dog, Jewel, I recently adopted. I also own a magnificent off-the-track thoroughbred named Onyx with whom I spend a great deal of time both on the ground and riding.

For a number of years I wrote and published short stories and poetry for children. I have also written a few books none of which have been published. I have also designed and created jewellery which I find no longer fits into my schedule.

Again, welcome to my site and please feel free to email me with any questions regarding my art at


Thank you for visiting,